Invited Talks

  • A fuss-free semantics for copy composition. Oberseminar English Linguistics (Syntax-Semantics), University of Göttingen. 2019.
  • Desires, great and small. Guest lecture, "Semantics of the Attitudes" (seminar), University College London. 2018.
  • Parts and wholes in the domain of attitudes. LINGUAE Seminar, Institut Jean Nicod. 2018.
  • Co-speech music and co-speech gesture. Workshop on Music and Movement, New York University. 2016.
  • Gradable modality: Putting degrees in the ordering source. Semantics Reading Group, New York University. 2015.

Talks and Posters with Peer-Reviewed Abstracts

  • Co-speech sound effects behave like gestures (with Lyn Tieu). Linguistic Evidence 2020 poster session, University of Tübingen. 2020 [forthcoming].
  • Composing copies without trace conversion. Linguistic Society of America (LSA) Annual Meeting, New Orleans. 2020.
  • From gesture to sound: Experimental evidence for the projection of co-­speech sound effects (with Lyn Tieu). Australian Linguistic Society (ALS) Annual Conference 2019 poster session, Macquarie University. 2019.
  • Overt and covert proportional partitives. Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 29 poster session, UCLA. 2019.
  • Thinking alone and thinking together. Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 28 poster session, MIT. 2018.
  • Intensity of desire is monotonic. Linguistic Society of America (LSA) Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City. 2018.
  • Co-speech gestures: Experimental evidence for projection and local accommodation (with Lyn Tieu, Philippe Schlenker & Emmanuel Chemla). Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 27 poster session, University of Maryland. 2017.
  • Experimental evidence for a cosuppositional analysis of gestural inferences (with Lyn Tieu, Philippe Schlenker & Emmanuel Chemla). Workshop on Theoretical and Experimental Approaches to Presuppositions, University of Genoa. 2017.
  • A conservative theory of gradable modality. Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 26 poster session, University of Texas at Austin. 2016.
  • The illusory scope of French epistemics. Penn Linguistics Colloquium 40 poster session, University of Pennsylvania. 2016.
  • Modal comparatives and (in)commensurability. Workshop on Modality Across Categories, Pompeu Fabra University. 2015.
  • Counterfactuals and salience. SUNY-Yale-NYU-CUNY (SYNC) Mini-Conference 15, Yale University. 2013.

Other Talks

  • Co-speech projection beyond gestures: Co-speech sound and music. Workshop "Linguistic investigations beyond language: gestures, body movement, and primate linguistics", ZAS. 2019.
  • Overt and covert proportional partitives. Workshop "DPBorder: Syntax and Semantics", ZAS. 2019.
  • Want comparatives and the natural language metaphysics of desire. LF Reading Group, MIT. 2017.
  • Wanting what's important to us. UMass Semantics Workshop, UMass Amherst. 2016.